Why Naked?

You May Encounter Nude Bathers, Haulover Beach, FLWhy naked? Let me ask you this instead… why not? Why do so many people automatically link nudity to sex? Is it really that much different being naked than wearing a tiny bikini or speedo at the beach? Why is wearing a really low cut top okay, but the moment that areola or nipples come into view, it’s all of a sudden bad?  Isn’t that kind of like the blue laws for alcohol that make the purchase of alcohol bad at 12:29 pm, but totally okay at 12:30 pm?

At Why Naked, we encourage you to think outside of the social norms that have been pushed upon us and think why not? Go visit your local nudist resort or go skinny dipping in your private backyard pool. Try walking around your house in the buff.  And if none of those are easy enough to start for you, try taking a shower or a bath naked!


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