Nudist / Naturist Etiquette

Nude Beach SignNudists and naturists have a standard etiquette that is typically followed at most nudist resorts, clubs, beaches, or other places where naked people hang out.  (We don’t typically use the word colony by the way.)  Whether it’s your first time or fiftieth time at one of these places, we’ve put together a list of the more common rules or suggestions that are typically made at these places.  Some of you may be reading these for the first time, while perhaps others could use a refresher.  So let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Always use a towel to sit on. Even if you’ve just finished rinsing off in the shower or climbed out of the pool, it’s considered polite to sit your naked bum on a towel instead of directly on the lounge chairs, benches, dining room chairs, or even couches. This applies to workout equipment as well if you happen to be at a club where they have such amenities.
  2. This brings us to showering – always shower before entering the pools or hot tubs. You’ve probably seen the signs at even the textile (swimsuit required) resorts or pools before, and it’s just as important at resorts where nakedness is the norm. The pools tend to see a good bit of use, so keeping the water clean and clear is an important goal for all of us.  Whether going for a quick dip or staying in until your fingers and toes look like prunes – at least take a quick rinse off first.
  3. So while you may notice the prune looking feet or hands or various other parts of all of your new friends’ bodies, staring is a no-no.  This typically really only applies for the first few minutes you’re in one of these situations anyways, as shortly after disrobing and joining the crowd most people don’t even really pay attention to the fact that everyone around them is naked.  Sure, you may notice it a little bit here and there, but it just becomes as natural as if you were all wearing swimsuits.  (Yes, really.)  However, there may still be the occasion where you find someone particularly attractive or perhaps you notice something unusual about their body or whatever.  But just like when you’re at the textile (clothes / swimsuits, etc. required) resorts, staring is still considered rude.  Take a quick glance and then move on.  And when it comes to eye contact… remember where everyones’ eyes are.  They’re not chest level or groin level.  Whether it’s the tiniest penis you’ve ever seen or the largest breasts… they’re still attached to human beings… with eyes.
  4. You’ve probably noticed that bodies come in all sizes and shapes when standing in line at McDonalds or getting onto an airplane or just plain walking down the street.  Taking away the clothes doesn’t change that fact. It’s still considered rude to comment on other peoples’ bodies… so please keep those comments to yourself.
  5. So we’ve touched on inappropriate behavior a little bit already.  While it may be completely acceptable to briefly hug, kiss, or hold hands with your significant other, don’t let it get as far as a makeout session. Unless you’re in your own room or tent or somewhere away from the crowds.  PDA – public displays of affection – may be acceptable in swingers clubs, but remember… a nudist or naturist setting is not a sexualized environment. Sex is not allowed in public areas any more than they are at textile locales.
  6. Erections.  Speaking of sexualized environments, let’s talk about erections. Yes, we all know that erections may be a very natural bodily function that men have happen at perhaps very inopportune times. But nudist and naturist environments are not the male strip club.  That particular body function needs to be covered up by wrapping a towel around your waist or perhaps lay down on your stomach for a little bit or go for a quick dip in the cold pool or something.  If you need to think about your grandmother in her underwear or whatever, then do what you’ve got to do until the blood starts flowing back to the rest of your body. Just because you may have seen a picture of some guy on a so-called nudist website parading around with a boner on the Internet doesn’t mean that he wasn’t asked to cover it up or leave very shortly thereafter. Again, if you wouldn’t do it at a textile resort, don’t do it at a nudist resort.
  7. Speaking of pictures, keep those cameras and camera phones put away while visiting places where people may be naked.  If you do decide that you’d like to capture a few memories be sure to only take pictures of the wildlife, nature scenes, or people you know that are okay with you taking their picture.  Be sure that you ask permission before taking pictures of anyone and respect their wishes if they don’t want you to take their picture.

I’m sure there’s something we’ve managed to forget in the list here.  In case we didn’t cover anything specifically, just remember to use common sense.  If it doesn’t seem appropriate or if you think whatever may be a bad idea, then perhaps you shouldn’t do it.  Use your best manners, make some friends, and go have some naked fun!